EATA Training and Examination Handbook

This manual contains all the information regarding the requirements / rules / forms and guidelines related to TA training and TA examinations in all the four fields.

The official language of EATA is English it is the English handbook which contains the “official” version of the handbook.

The English Handbook and supplements: From time to time PTSC updates the handbook… These changes are published in the PTSC telegram.

The complete handbook

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – Status of TA training

Section 3 – Ethics and professional practice.

(See the page on ethics for the complete EATA ethics code.)

Section 4 – The TA 101 course

Section 5 – The four fields of TA

Section 6 – Training Contracts

Click here for contract and examinations fees

Section 7 – Exam regulations and time table

Section 8 – CTA written examination

  • CTA written examination
    note to 8.6.4: DGTA members must refer to the German addendum marking procedures (applied from May 1 2018 )

Section 9 – CTA oral examination

Section 10 – The TEW

Section 11 – The TSTA exam

Section 12 – List of all the forms

Section 13

The complete Handbook

New updated Appendix for the Handbook: Appendix,  November 2015 – This outline does not form a part of the official handbook, it is a summary of administrative information.

Procedure for applying and running COC examinations

  • The President/Chair of the National Organisation (or the delegate officer) applies in writing to the Chair of COC requesting to hold examinations and giving the date and place that has been chosen. He/she also specifies whether it is intended to hold both CTA and TSTA exams or just CTA.
  • The President/Chair of the N.O., (or the delegate officer) in consultation with relevant people within his/her organisation, may also suggest an exam supervisor or supervisors at least nine months before the exam.
  • COC will receive the request and confirm it at the next meeting including approving the exam supervisor. If preferred, COC and the Supervising Examiner will provide names of exam supervisors.
  • Budget for exams form July 2010
  • Contract for organising EATA exams

Budget form

– to be used when applying for EATA funds for visiting trainer workshops…

Job Descriptions for EATA officers