Taking TSTA exam

For full details please see the Handbook on the website.

When you and your Primary Supervisor agree you are ready to take your TSTA exam, then you apply to the Supervising Examiner (SE) at least 6 months ahead of the exam site you wish to go to. The SE keeps a list of all TSTA candidates and oversees the availability of TSTA exams as each exam venue can only offer so many places. This is because the TSTA exam usually involves a candidate taking three exams and the pool of examiners is generally smaller than for CTA exams. The SE will let you know if there are places at the exam venue and so contacting the SE early is advised.

If a place is available the SE will forward the paperwork to the local Exam Supervisor for the venue and they will be in touch with the candidates to inform them of the Candidates’ meeting which a candidate must attend before the exams.

At the Oral Exam site everyone comes together for the task of certification. Candidates, examiners, exam supervisors and the COC Observer. The Exam Supervisors coordinate this work and organise a celebration where candidates can be congratulated and everyone’s’ contribution can be appreciated.