For full details please see the Handbook on the website.

When you and your Primary Supervisor agree you are ready to go forward to take your CTA exam the first part is the Written exam. This must be submitted to the Language Coordinator (LC) for your language group. The exception here is if you are a member of UKATA, in which case you must submit your written exam to the UKATA written exam coordinator (see UKATA website for more information).

The LC will then acknowledge receipt of your exam and paperwork and finds markers for the task. The markers liaise with the LC and send their marking back to them. The LC then informs the candidate of their result. If all goes well they will also check which Oral exam site the candidate wishes to go to and send the paperwork to the appropriate Exam Supervisor for that site.

The deadline to receive your registration is two months before the exam you want to go, date to date. For example if the exam is planned on the 10th of November, the Language Coordinator has to receive your registration by 10th of September.

The Exam Supervisors, when the deadline of two months prior to the exam date is reached, write to candidates to confirm they have a place in the Oral Exam and to give them further details of the timings of Candidates’ Meetings that a candidate must attend before the exam.

At the Oral Exam site everyone comes together for the task of certification. Candidates, examiners, exam supervisors and the COC Observer. The Exam Supervisors coordinate this work and organise a celebration where candidates can be congratulated and everyone’s’ contribution can be appreciated.