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2012 Trainers Meeting in Bucharest


Current Brain Research and TA Theories // Neuere Hirnforschung und TA-Theorien

Dr Ulrich Elbing – 18th October 2008 – EATA Colloquium.Available in the original German or with English translation.


Powerpoint slides


Powerpoint slides

Three videos from the 3rd EATA International Colloquium

Rome, June 30th 2009

Attachment and cumulative trauma


Insecure attachments are the result of repeated disruptions in dependent relationships. They are the infant’s pre-symbolic attempts to manage cumulative neglect and traumas. By using our understanding of attachment when we are working with patients who are suffering from cumulative trauma we have a better possibility of reaching those archaic defense systems.These insecure attachments were put in place to adapt to and survive in infancy, but are now limiting.I will give a brief overview of attachment styles, patterns and disorders and will talk about some of the appropriate therapeutic responses.

Dr. Lise Small – Trainer and Supervisor at International Association of Integrative Psychotherapy (F).