EAP – European Association for Psychotherapy

European Association for Psychotherapy

Schnirchgasse 9a/4/410
A-1030 Wien



EAP registrar: Ivana Slacvkovic

EAP representative for EATA:

Marina Banic, TSTA-P

Marina was for ten years President of Serbian association for Transactional analysis SATA, and delegate of SATA in EATA. She was chairing ECC – European connection committee of EATA, and she was member of COC committee. She is director of International Center for Transactional analysis in Belgrade and she runs advanced training in TA in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Download a brochure about EAP certification here. 

More information about EAP can be found here: http://www.europsyche.org/

Or by contacting Ivana Slavkovic at  iv.slavkovic@gmail.com