“Speaking gracefully and making each hour a work of art”, Lavarone 1-2-3 September 2017

The Tenth Seminar of Lavarone

The title of the Lavarone Seminar 2017 comes from a passage in Eric Berne’s “Sex in human loving”:

“Grace means graceful movements, and graceful moments of solitude or communion. This quality is well understood by dancers, rhetoricians, and students of Zen and other Oriental philosophies. It means speaking gracefully and making each hour a work of art. It requires an appearance and a demeanor that make each year better than the last. And finally, it means that a whole lifetime of friendship and enmities, intimacies and confrontations, comedies and tragedies, will have at least the possibility of ending up with some strain of wholeness and nobility running through it. For me class= grace=reticence, the avoidance of overstatement and disharmony, in speech as in ballet as in painting” (1970)

We want to propose a moment of reflection, to compare the balance required between solitude and sharing, presence and its limits, distance and ethical boundaries in our practice as counsellors, educators, teachers, psychotherapists and health care workers.

The Seminar will be held Friday, September 1, from 10 to 17 and Saturday 2, from 9.30 to 17.30.

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