SAATA Conference: The Dance of Culture

The Dance of Culture

In the history of human evolution, migration happened in waves, with different groups clashing or mingling with each other. The ones that survived had appropriate social functioning within a community in which they felt fostered and nurtured, pacing the members and in tune with their messages.
Fast forward to the present times, navigating the social environment effectively remains a significant parameter for health. Are one’s choices cond…ucive to the greater good, with awareness of one’s resources and limitations, and the ensuing impact on self, the other and the world? Or, do one’s choices result in unproductive outcomes even when believing otherwise? As we explore such questions we look up to the community we engage with to provide us a fertile setting to guide us in our journey forward.

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The ITAA-SAATA Conference provides an opportunity to explore, learn and evolve, while we reconnect and experience support within the community.

The theme of the Conference, The Dance of Culture, seems especially relevant in this time in human history. A large number of people in India still engage in an unbroken tradition of practices that have resonated with the rhythm of the land, the seasons and the natural resources since an ancient past, learning alongside to balance the changes ushered in by a new era of global connectivity. Let’s mark the dates of the conference, to connect, learn, share and take back a piece of living history as we realize this dance is not only possible but also transformative.

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