Trainers Questionnaire May 2012

Dear TA Trainers – As the Development Committee of EATA we see our overall purpose as being to support associations in developing quality membership, increasing involvement and strengthening our community.

Our objective is to connect effectively and easily with members and the wider social environment.

In this spirit we are compiling a list of trainers who would be willing to train outside of their country of residence. As you will be aware there is a wide range of national TA organisations throughout Europe, ranging from hundreds of members to just a few. Some countries have no qualified trainers and can face challenges when financing TA training. Teaching abroad gives you the opportunity to experience another culture, connect internationally and build on your own experience. If you are interested in teaching abroad please fill in the attached form and return it to us. We will then put this list on the EATA website so that anyone who wants to can access it and contact you direct. The contracting for work will then we done between you and the organisation/individual who may want to employ you.

Download it here.

Leilani Mitchell, Ketil Melhus, Krispijn Plettenberg


The January 2012 issue of IJTAR – the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research – is now out at This is a special issue that contains the results of research into the effectiveness of TA treatment for depression, and includes templates of working papers so that others can repeat the process. Access to the journal is free so if you are not already signed up, just go to the website and register.