2014 World TA Conference – Call for papers

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Dear Friends in the TA Community,

On behalf of the World Conference Committee (ITAA, EATA, and FTAA), I invite you to make plans now to attend the 2014 World TA Conference and to submit a proposal to present your work.
         Theme: TA Now: A Game Changer
Proposal Deadline: February 20, 2014
       Submit Your Proposal: Call for Proposals – 2014 World TA Conference

The time and place of this conference are historic and inspirational. We will celebrate 50 years since the publication of Games People Play by Eric Berne, and the formation of the ITAA in San Francisco. Join us as we take a look back while simultaneously looking forward. The past and future meet in the here and “now,” and “TA now” can change the world.

The world has evolved since the 1964 publication of Games People Play. For instance, technology allows leaders to play regional and national games with ever-increasing speed. By creating a voice through blogging and other forms of digital communication, almost anyone can become a “player.” The ubiquity of social media not only introduces a new game arena, it gives us one with little escape.

Share with us your best practices and developing theory related to how you use transactional analysis to change games in your work with yourself, with trainees, and with clients in mental health, educational, and organizational settings.

We invite 1.5-hour and 3-hour presentations or one-hour papers from:

  • TA practitioners, trainers, trainees
    • Counseling
    • Psychotherapy
    • Organizations
    • Education
  • Students in the four fields mentioned above
  • People with expertise in areas such as politics, sociology, technology, social media, gender equality, etc. who can relate their work to TA and games.

City HorizontalMake sure you sign up for the conference newsletter to keep up with information and updates as they become available, and to learn more about other conference events, such as:

  • Pre-conference TA 101, a rich introduction for everybody interested in learning TA theory and immediately applicable tools to use in their work
  • Post-conference Workshops, August 10-11
  • Social Events
  • Training Endorsement Workshop, August 10-12
  • Regional experiences including music, trips, and tours, and
  • The opening of the Eric Berne Archives!

For more information, email me at 2014worldtaconference@usataa.org or call 408-353-2490.

With great eagerness, we await your proposals and your visit to the San Francisco Bay.

Lucy Freedman, 2014 World TA Conference Chair