PTSC Telegrams

The PTSC Telegram

These telegrams contain all the latest information from the Professional Training Standards Committee; they contain very important information regarding recent changes to the training manual.

Any new rules are announced through the telegram which is sent to all PTSTA’s and TSTA’s.

Once a new rule is announced in the telegram there is normally a delay of one year before that rule is implemented.

As of February 2008 all the changes detailed in the telegrams below have been included in the recently updates Training Handbook.

It is planned that in future the handbook available on the web will be updates to keep track of all the announcements made in the telegrams.

PTSC-TELEGRAM-35 – September 2016

PTSC-TELEGRAM-34 – April 2016

PTSC-TELEGRAM-33 – June 2015

PTSC-TELEGRAM-32 – October 2014

PTSC TELEGRAM  31 – September 2013

PTSC TELEGRAM 30 – February 2013

PTSC TELEGRAM 29 – March 2012

PTSC TELEGRAM 28 February 2011


PTSC TELEGRAM 26 – June 2009 – includes news of changes for the CTA, the TSTA, TEW and a new 101 course…

PTSC Telegram 25


PTSC Telegram 23 June 2006

PTSC Telegram 22

PTSC Telegram 21

PTSC Telegram 20

PTSC Telegram 19