We support and organise exams for all levels of certification in Europe: CTA, CTA Trainer and TSTA. We also run TEW workshops for people starting their PTSTA journey. Professionally and ethically the challenge is to organise exams that let the candidates grow and have an as objective as possible process. Sometimes that leads to appeals by the candidate, which we need to deal with thoroughly and carefully.

Call for examiners

UkraineDownloadCTA & TSTA Exams - CherkasyJuly, 2nd 3rd, 2019
USADownloadCTA and TSTA exams of IBOC, RaleighJuly, 30th-31st, 2019
BelgiumDownloadCTA and TSTA exams, Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium)November, 9th-10th, 2019

Contact persons

Supervising Examiner -Christine Chevalier TSTA O/C

EATA Supervising ExaminerSabine Klingenbergcoc.supervising.examiner@eatanews.org
Chairperson of PTSCSylvie Rossiesylros@gmail.com
Chairperson of the COCChristine Chevaliercoc.chair@eatanews.org
PTSC officer for exceptions and expansionsAndreas Beckera_becker2@t-online.de
TEW coordinatorSabine Klingenberg Examinations | EATA
until December 2019.
New TEW coordinator Maria Teresa Tosi mt.tosi@fastwebnet.it
CTA-Trainer coordinator Sabine Klingenbergcoc.tevw@eatanews.org
COC Berlin July 2017 : Barbara Clarkson (UK) – Catherine Gérard (Fr) – Christine Chevalier Chair COC (Fr) – Betty Lutke Schipholt (Netherlands) – Sylvie Rossy Chair PTSC (Italy)

COC Calendar

CTA, CTA Trainer and TSTA Exams & TEWs

Type of exam/ workshopDateVenueLocal exam supervisor
CTA/TSTAJuly 2nd-3rdCherkassy (Ukraine)Exam Supervisors CTA: Alessandra Pierini – alessandrapierini@physis.org TSTA: Christine Chevalier – ch.chevalier48@gmail.com
CTA/TSTANovember 7th-8thRösrath (Germany)Exam Supervisors CTA: Nicole Kabisch – nicole.kabisch@kabisch.hamburg TSTA: Ilse Brab – ilsebrab@gmx.de
CTA/TSTANovember 9th-10thBelgiumExam Supervisors CTA: Véronique Sichem – v.sichem@gmail.com - TSTA: Dominique Gérard – dominique@dgcounselling.be
TEWDecember 1st-3rdNaples (Italy)TBA
CTA/TSTAMarch 4th–5thRome (Italy)TBA
TEWMarch 21th-23rdBilbao (Spain)TBA
CTA/TSTA July 14th-15th Birmingham (UK)TBA
TEWJuly 20th-22ndBirmingham (UK)TBA
TEWMarch 20th-22ndTBATBA

The Exam process


Contract and examination fees

For payments fees and bank account click here

Procedure for applying and running COC TA examinations

  • The National Association applies to COC to organise examinations: This needs to be at least 14 months before the date of exams, and must be done by the President/Chair of the Association. He/she also specifies whether it is intended to hold both CTA and TSTA exams or just CTA. COC will discuss and accept or reject the application at the first possible meeting or, if needed, by email.
  • The President/Chair of the N.O., (or the delegate officer) in consultation with relevant people within his/her organisation, may also suggest an exam supervisor or supervisors at least nine months before the exam.
  • COC will receive the request and confirm it at the next meeting including approving the exam supervisor. If preferred, COC and the Supervising Examiner will provide names of exam supervisors.
  • COC will send a pack of information to the exam supervisor(s) to facilitate their job (e.g. job descriptions of all people involved in the exam process, contract for organizing exams, budget form, scoring forms, draft letters to candidates and examiners, etc.).

ITAA exams

To be an examiner for an ITAA/IBOC exam:
Examiners must be at least a CTA for a CTA exam or a TSTA for a TSTA exam, they must also be a member of EATA or ITAA.
To arrange to take an ITAA exam (IBOC) please send your application to: Janet Chin, Training & Certification Administrator, iboc@itaaworld.org
More information about IBOC exams can be found on the ITAA website (www.itaaworld.org )

Some important notes on exams

Exams are subject to availability of examiners/exam supervisors. COC/IBOC are not responsible for expenses incurred when unavailability of examiners/exam supervisors causes exams to be cancelled or postponed.

EATA / COC CTA exam candidates who are doing the COC written case study must submit it no later than six months before the oral exam date. Details/application available from the COC Language Coordinators.