Ethical review Panel (ERP)

In July 2016 EATA Council approved the creation of a facility to review any affiliated organisations management of ethical and professional practices complaints. This facility is called an Ethical review Panel (ERP).

An ERP is an appeal panel. It can be used by EATA members where they consider the outcome of an affiliated organisations’ ethical procedures and practices included a failure of the affiliated organisation to effectively apply its own procedures and protocols or where it is considered that the existing procedures and protocols are unfit for practice.

A case must be made to the EATA Ethical Advisor following the Ethical Review Panel Procedures and Protocols which can be downloaded here.

Anyone wishing to request EATA to form an ERP is strongly advised to contact the Ethical Advisor to discuss their case prior to submission.

Click to download the Ethical Review Panel Procedure

Robin Hobbes
EATA Ethical Advisor