Communications Committee

The Communication Committees purpose is to facilitate the communication inside and outside EATA.
Making EATA attractive and accessible has been, and still is, an important theme for our committee. There is attraction and accessibility in Transactional Analysis, that all of us who uses it certainly feel. One question is how to bring TA, and the association as a guardian of its interests, up in a right way? Our means to reach these aims in recent years has been renewing the website, creating a Facebook page, making videos and a YouTube channel for them, support and regenerate the Newsletter, working on a public trainers list, starting a scientific database project and undertaking surveys to find out the needs of the Council and our national associations in order to hear and meet the needs concerning communication that our community has. In the near future we are going to make gradual but visible changes to the EATA webdesign and we are also planning to be more active through other social networks, more involved in reinforcing communication with national associations, in organizing EATA conferences, in welcoming of new EATA delegates etc.
The communication committee invites you to stay tuned in and active in EATA`s Facebook, to make use of the videos and be in contact with us if you have ideas, needs or wishes concerning communication.
If you want to get hold of the committee you can contact the chair Petra Gorsic at and please do feel free to be in contact also with EATA Newsletter Editor via and to share your ideas and feedback about EATA publications and to propose a topic or an article.
Members of CC

Committee members
chairperson of the CCPetra Gorsic
regular member
Annamaria Cser
regular member
Ilya Fedotov
regular member
Miira Matara
regular member
Jana Sustersic
regular member
Kristyna Tomanova
co-opted member (video project)
Leilani Mitchell
newsletter editor
Kristina Brajovic Car