EATA Bursaries

EATA has a sum available to support individual members who;

a) travel abroad for supervision, training, TEW, exams
b) attend a TA-Conference abroad
c) need support for paying training fees.

The maximum grant for one person is EUR 300,-


Requests for bursaries can be made by downloading the application form below. The form has to be duly completed and signed by the applicant, his/her sponsor or trainer and the national association, with a short recommendation.

Please send your application to the EATA Council delegate of your national association.

Each delegate can send a maximum of two bursary applications from the members of their respective national associations by December 31st of each year.  EATA will make a decision within the end of January and inform the applicant, with copy to EATA Council delegate.
If a request is sent after December 31st, it will be taken into consideration inasmuch as the budget still allows.
  • Send your completed application form through your national EATA Council delegate to Sylvia Schachner, EATA Bursary Administrator, e-mail: sylviaschachner@gmx.at