Database of TA-Researchers


Dear colleagues!

To support you in your communication and collaboration with scientific projects in TA we have created a first version of database of specialists who have an interest in TA theory development.

There are two parts of the Database:

1) open-source (which was published on the EATA web-site and sent out by email);

2) private email sharing (only for sharing with other people who have given information about themselves to this database).

The results of this work will be presented at the EATA Conference and Council meeting in London 2018. Also we are planning to refresh the Database every year before each Council meeting.

If you want to add information about yourself in the Database please use link for special form:

Download the TA researchers database as PDF

Main developers: Ilya Fedotov (Russia,,

David Krystof (Czech Rep.,

The Communication Committee Theory Development and Research Committee
 Caroline Carlicchi

Annamária Cser

Elena Nikolova

Miira Matara

Petra Gorsic (chair)

Leilani Mitchell

Dr Biljana van Rijn, Chair,

Laura Bastianelli

Paolo Maggio

Sylvia  Schachner

Ines Stimjanin