Council delegates

To realize and to work as a voluntary organization, EATA works with Delegates and officers in a Council. They come from all the countries where EATA has affiliated associations. They discuss and decide on EATA’s policy, strategical development, budget, projects and so on. Delegates work in committees that do the operative and strategic work in certain areas, for example communication, research and TA development or professional training standards. They participate in task-forces that work on specific, time-bound projects. And once a year, Council comes together to work for three days, somewhere in Europe.

Sylvia SchachnerSylvia SchachnerAustriaÖATA/ ÖGTAsylviaschachner@gmx.atI am working as educational manager in public schools in Vienna and in privat praxis as trainer, supervisor and psychologist. Beiing PTSTA in the field of Education I like to organize Trainings and Workshops in different European countries, actually in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovacia, Poland and Russia.My languages are German, English and French. I am member of the TA Theorie developement and research committee.  
Alexandra PsallasAlexandra PsallasBelgiumAssobat, VITAalexandra.psallas@gmail.comSociologist - Psychologist. PTSTA Psychotherapy. Private practice in Brussels.
Ines StimjaninInes StimjaninBosnia & HerzegovinaBIHOTAsh.ig.wa@hotmail.comInes is psychologist, psychotherapist and master of managment and organization. Currently working in mental health institution. Involved in project as a counsellor for adult education. Also passionate about development of organizations and couching. Ines is member of TA theory development and TA research committee
Petra GorsicPetra GorsicCroatiaUTApetragorsic@gmail.comPetra is a psychologist in private clinic in Zagreb.
Kristyna TomanovaKristyna TomanovaCzech. RepublicCATAkristyna.tomanova@ta-cata.czKristýna Tomanová is a delagate to EATA for Czech Association for Transactional Analysis (CATA). She is also a member of the board of CATA. She is a private coach and counsellor and is now a member of EATA Communications commitee.
Miira MataraMiira
Guenter Josef MohrGünter Josef MohrGermanyDGTAhedmohr@aol.comTraining and Supervising Transactional Analyst, Author of "Ego and Mindfulness", "Individual and Organisational TA for the 21 Century", "Growth and Change for Organizations". Coach for systemic and multulevel coaching. Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of TA Research, the Transactional Analysis Journal and Zeitschrift für Transaktionsanalyse. Senior Coach DBVC and BDP, Supervisor BDP.
Peter RudolphPeter RudolphGermanyDGTApeter.rudolph@ewetel.netI'm TSTA - Co and one focus of my work is to provide Supervision, Coaching and training in institutions of child- and youth services, child and adult psychiatries and other institutions of a non-profit field.
Annamaria CserAnnamaria CserHungaryHATAannamaria.cser@gmail.comBusiness psychologist, working as senior expert and manager for learning and development, organizational development in a multinational company. I am facilitator and coach in frame of diverse development programs as well, and interested in TA implications in organizational context.
Mara ScoliereMara ScoliereItalyIRPIR/ AUXIMON/ IANTI/ CPAT/
Simonetta CaldaroneSimonetta CaldaroneItalySIMPAT / AIATsimonetta.caldarone@physis.orgSimonetta Caldarone, TSTA-P, psychologist and psychotherapist. I work in a private practice in Rome. I am a member of TA Theory Development and TA Research Committee. I am a Teacher and Supervisor at the TA School in Rome and I am a special educational needs teacher working at the high school level for young people with emotive, cognitive, sensorial and psychomotor disabilities.
Al-Ammar KašićAl-Ammar KašićMontenegroMonTAalammark@gmail.comCurrently Al-Ammar is developing private psychotherapy practice and works like yoga instructor while volunteering like activist for animal rights. He is interested in the spirituality of the East and the philosophy of different cultures. He is a graduate psychologist and psychotherapist in education. Parallel with education in TA which he started in 2014, he is also receiving education from Systemic Family Therapy since 2016.
Betty Lutke  
 Harry GerthNetherlandsNVTAharrygerth@hotmail.comHarry is a PTSTA(O) running his own TA-institute in the centre of the Netherlands. He is a member of the European Connection Committee (ECC).
Joanna JanuszewskaPolandPITAT /
Oana PanescuOana PanescuRomaniaARAToanamadeleine@yahoo.comOana Panescu (General Secretary). I work as a psychologist for the nuclear power plant in Romania. I am also a psychotherapist and an assistant teacher at a private university in Bucharest. President of Romanian Association of Transactional Analysis - ARAT, Bucharest branch.
Ilya FedotovIlya FedotovRussiaRATAilyafdtv@rambler.ruIlya Fedotov is a delegate to EATA by Ryazan Association for Transactional Analysis (RATA). He is also a President of RATA, MD, Ph.D. Ilya Fedotov works as a psychotherapist in private practice and in Psychiatry Department of Medical University.
Maja DelibasicMaja DelibasicSerbiaSATAmade8377@yahoo.comMaja is a psychologist psychotherapist. She works in private practice and volunteers as an educator for Red Cross Nis and as an psychotherapist for Psychological counseling center for students.
Eleonore LindEleonore LindSwedenSTAFeleonore.lind@telia.comEleonore is a PTSTA-p and a mediator, practicing on the west coast of Sweden. She is a teacher with Scandinavian Institute for Transactional Analysis.
Andreas BeckerAndreas BeckerSwitzerlandDSGTAandreasbecker@lebensbunt.comAndreas is a TSTA in the educational field. He is living and working in Switzerland and Germany, running his practice for counseling, supervision and TA-training. Andreas is member of PTSC.
Arnaud Saint GironsArnaud Saint GironsSwitzerlandASAT-SRasg@helvemail.netI am working as Educational Consultant, and psycho-social advisor in my private praxis in Nyon, Switzerland. Being PTSTA ( E ) , I deliver training and supervision in different environments, including our own school of development ICE-ML in Nyon (for personal and professional development), and other schools as well (ESEDE,... )
Deniz GüneyDeniz GüneyTurkeyATADdgdenizguney@gmail.comDeniz is living and practising in Istanbul, Turkey. She is running her private practice as a TA psychotherapeutic counsellor. She is a member of ATAD, the Eurasia Transactional Analysis Association.
Dr Cathy McQuaidDr Cathy McQuaidUKUKATA/ IDTA/ STAA/ IARTAcathymcquaid@
Cathy is passionate about training and training standards particularly in the psychotherapy field. She has undertaken research into trainees experience of their training and is now exploring the needs of psychotherapy trainers. She is the author of What You Really Need to Know About Counselling and Psychotherapy Training: An Essential Guide published by Routledge.
Anastasia HorokhivskaAnastasia HorokhivskaUkraineUATAgorohovskaya.anastasia@gmail.comAnastasia is clinical psychologist. She has worked in hospitals. Now she has private practice in Kiev. She is a member of the European Connection Committee (ECC).