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The 2018 Hungarian National TA Conference will be held 28th September 2018 at the EÖTVÖS 10 Cultural Centre in Budapest. The conference targets up to 150 professionals in Hungary, who are interested in TA: psychotherapists, counsellors, organizational consultants, educators, coaches and others.
Focus topic of the conference is: „I and you… what can we achieve together? Joy and bitterness of collaboration”
All presentations and workshops will be in Hungarian.
For any additional information and registration, you can contact me:
Annamaria Cser (delegate from HATA)
HATA homepage:
HATA on facebook:

2ND INTERNATIONAL TA CONFERENCE IN POLAND, “Many paths, one goal” – POZNAŃ, 22-23,September 2018

The conference will bring together European and Polish transactional analysts from all TA fields to explore and discuss opportunities of expanding modern TA trends and application in all four fields. An important aim of this conference is to promote TA in Poland, foster debate and offer networking opportunities for the participants.

We would be delighted to have you present at this conference to hear what TA specialists have to share about the paths and goals in TA as well as the impact TA may bring to our lives. We would also love to hear your thoughts and opinion to this direction. That is why we kindly ask you to deliver a 40 minute keynote speech for an audience up to 120 people from all TA fields as well as a 3 hour workshop the following day for 20 people. Through your participation, you can help developing the TA society in Poland.

The Polish Transactional Analysis Association is honored to invite all  TA fans, practitioners, students, and everyone interested  in Transactional Analysis to the IInd International TA Conference in Poland “Many paths, one goal”, which will take place on 22-23 September 2018 in Poznań at Adam Mickiewicz University.

Key points:

  1. To expand knowledge about TA,
  2. To integrate Polish and European TA community,
  3. To learn about new research and concepts,

The Conference is addressed to:

  • Professionals: psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, trainers, consultants, facilitators, teachers, educators, counsellors who want to expand their knowledge, develop competencies, and network in the TA community,
  • Students interested in TA,

Invited guests:

  • Lidia Cierpiałkowska (Prof. psychoterapy field) Poland
  • Dominique Dye (TSTA-P) France
  • Jarosław Jagieła ( field) Poland
  • Sylvie Monin (TSTA-C) Swizerland
  • Sari Van Poelje (TSTA-O) Hungary
  • Pete Shotton (TSTA-E i P) United Kingdom
  • Lynda Tongue (TSTA-O) United Kingdom
  • Yves Verdier (TSTA – P) France

The majority of the keynote speeches as well as workshops presented by the invited guests will be delivered in French or in English. The workshops run by Polish trainers will be in Polish. Should you be interested in participating in a workshop presented in Polish, it is necessary to provide translation on your own.

For more information about registration, program, and trainers visit our website: 

We are looking forward to seeing you!


3rd Russian On-line Conference, February 10th-11th 2018

Dear Colleagues!  We are happy to share with you that 3rd Russian On-line Conference will be held on February 10-11 th. In 2018  It so exciting than in will happened 3ed times.   The title of the Conference is very symbolic, it reflects to the significant needs of people all around the world: Growth – Relationship – Trust. The abbreviation in Russian language it means PAC which is very well known in TA world! 

The main goal of the Conference was to create open space for exchanging experiences among professionals who use TA in their practice. Internet is space without boarders so it allowed inviting speakers from different countries: Russia, Great Britain, Hungary,  Ukraine ,Finland many more …

 Every year we will to invite new Speakers on the Conference.   We keep the same title of the Conference, but the subject will be new ” From Dependence to Autonomy”.  The format of the Conference will help to spread TA theory and practice of   all around the World, to exchange the different experiences, to meet new people, to have fun.

Elena Soboleva , TSTA (P) , Russia   mail :  ;

V Russian National Research-to-Practice Conference

V Russian National Research-to-Practice Conference
June 14th-15th, 2018

Download invitation: V Russian National Research-to-Practice Conference 1st announcement

We are honoured to invite you to the V Russian National Research-to-Practice Conference “Memory: Memory of the Future, & Life Scripts”, which will take place on June 14th-15th, 2018 at I.P. Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University (Russia, Ryazan, Vysokovoltnaya Str. 9) under the aegis of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists and European Association for Transactional Analysis.

The Conference will include a plenary session with leading specialists in the field of memory and human life course, and workshops and presentations within three Sections:

  1. Memory of the future, autobiographical memory and life scripts;
  2. Mental and behavioral disorders in people with neurocognitive deficits;
  3. Transactional Analysis and working with memories.

We are happy to present a host of brilliant keynote speakers and presenters:
Konstantin V. Anokhin, PhD, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chair of Neuroscience, Kurchatov Institute; Arnaud D’Argembeau, PhD, Psychology Department, Université de Liège (Belgium); Zoran Milivojević, TSTA (P), President of Serbian Union of Associations for Psychotherapy (Serbia); Alla B. Kholmogorova, PhD, Chair of the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE); Viktor K. Zaretskii, Chair of the Developmental Psychology, MSUPE; Veronika V. Nourkova, PhD, Professor, Psychology Department, Moscow State University; Alexander O. Kibitov, Chair of Medical Genetics Laboratory, V.P. Serbsky Federal Moscow Research Centre for Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine;
Sergey V. Vaulin, PhD, Chair of Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine & Psychotherapy, Smolensk State Medical University; Oleg Yu. Shiryayev, PhD, Chair of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, Voronezh State Medical University; Nadezhda L. Zuykova, PhD, PTSTA (P), Chair of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, People’s Friendship University of Russia; Tatyana V. Aqibalova, PhD, CTA (P), Chair of Psychotherapy and Addiction Department, Moscow Research Center; Dmitri M. Ivashinenko, PhD, Chair of Psychiatry, Tula State University; Dmitri S. Petrov, PhD, Chair of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Continuous Education, Ryazan State Medical University. Dmitri I. Shustov, PhD, Chair of Psychiatry, Ryazan State Medical University, TSTA (P) will provide a workshop and supervision training.

We invite you to participate and make your contribution to the conference!

If you want to participate or to present your work within one of the sections, please contact Dmitri Petrov, the Chair of the Organizing Committee, ( or Dmitri Shustov ( Alexander Filimonov ( will assist you with the accommodation issues. If you want to contribute a paper (either in Russian or in English) to our traditional Conference Journal and Book of Abstracts, please contact Ilya Fedotov ( The best papers will be published in the Russian peer-reviewed journals “Voprosy narkologii” [Issues of Addiction Medicine] and “Rossiyskii mediko-biologicheski vestnik im. Ak. I.P. Pavlova” [I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald]