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EATA 2016 Conference in Geneva

EATA 2016 GenevaWelcome to the EATA 2016 conference in Geneva, Switzerland, July 7th to 9th.
Please visit the conference website

Image Programme ENProgramme

We hare happy to inform you that the programme elaborated by the Scientific Committee is now ready.  Click here to download the short programme

Information on the Conference Center 

New Conference Center to welcome you!

Visit EATA 2016 website the Conference Center page to discover rooms, restaurants and all services.

Centre International de Conférence Genève (CICG)
17, Rue du Varembé
1211 – Geneva, Switzerland

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The CICG (Centre International de Conférence de Genève) is located in the heart of the international organizations district. It is only 5 minutes away from the Place des Nations and the Geneva headquarters of the UN. It can be easily accessed by public transportation from the city centre, the airport and the train station.

Public Transport Information

If you are staying at a hotel in Geneva, you will receive a “Geneva Transport Card” (free travel on the Geneva network, valid throughout your stay) when you check-in.

Please note that hotels in France DO NOT provide this card.

How to arrive to the Conference Center? 

The buses and trams around Geneva run from about 05h00 – 24h00. Depending on the line, additional night buses and trams are scheduled after 24h00 on weekends.

From Bus/tram Direction Name of bus stop to CICG
Gare Cornavin (train station) Bus 5 Aéroport Vermont   (CICG)
Gare Cornavin  (train station) Tram 15 Nations Sismondi   (CICG)
Gare Cornavin (train station) Bus 8 OMS UIT
Airport Bus 5 Thônex Vallard Vermont   (CICG)

For additional information on the tram and bus schedules/routes, please visit


A spacious parking is situated right next to the CICG called “Parking des Nations” on Rue de Varembé. It has space for approximately 1’100 guests and is located within walking distance from the CICG.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Geneva for EATA 2016 conference.
With warm regards,

Contact for Information

Symporg SA



EATA conference 2015, Rome

Welcome to the EATA conference 2015
1st EATA TA Theory Development & Researsh Conference
Beyond limits. Verifying the Development of TA Theory through Researsh

Dear EATA Members,
We are delighted to invite you to our 1st Theory Development and Research Conference organized by EATA with all the Italian Associations (AIAT, AUXIMON, CPAT, IANTI, IAT, IRPIR, SIMPAT).
“Beyond the limits: verifying the development of TA theory through research” is the topic of the Conference that will be held in Rome at Marriott Park Hotel, on 9th, 10th and 11th, July 2015.
The conference intends to be a meaningful opportunity for exchange, providing a forum to reflect on the state of the art of TA theory and practice, on its current stage of development, on its strengths, as well as on the directions and areas that can be explored in-depth through research in the future.
We will be pleased to receive your proposals for sharing your knowledge and your ideas about TA application and theories by December, 31st, 2014.
All the relevant information and forms will be available soon at the website
We are looking forward to meeting you in Rome next July!
Laura Bastianelli – Chair of Scientific Committee
Alessandra Pierini – Rome Conference´s Chair

Conference Theme

The conference will be an opportunity to support the development of Transactional Analysis theory, also in connection with other theories, it will also be an opportunity to promote and encourage Transactional Analysis’s research in different fields of application : clinical, counselling, educational and organizational.

The conference intends to be a meaningful opportunity for exchange in providing a forum to reflect on the state of the art of TA theory, on its current stage of development, on its strengths, as well as on the directions and areas that can be explored in-depth through research in the future.

The presentation of experiences and projects will be, at the same time, an opportunity to learn, share and explore methods, tools and different directions of research in Transactional Analysis.

Research means both stimulus and resource for “doing” theory

Please visit the conference website at:


22-23 May 2014 Cagliari, Italy: 3rd EATA Research Conference

english-advertising-3rd-EATA-Research-Conference1I.R.P.I.R. (Institute for Research on Relational and Intrapsychic Processes)

“Research and professional practice: how research can take its roots in practice?”

22nd-23rd May 2014, Cagliari, Italy

After the success of the 2nd Research Conference in Luton (UK) in November 2011, IRPIR and the headquarters of IFREP (Institute for Training and Research for Educators and Psychotherapists) in Cagliari  (Italy) will organize the 3rd Research Conference, with the patronage of EATA and of IJTAR (International Journal for Transactional Analysis Research).

This conference aims to carry forward a culture of research among the community of the transactional analysts, opening a dialogue with other theoretical models. The conference title underlines the importance of the mutual enrichment between research and practice and is especially focusing how research can profit from the experience of Transactional Analysis practitioners. The key note speakers and the presenters will propose a wide range of perspectives on research and will refer to diverse specialization fields of Transactional Analysis. This conference wants to highlight the richness of the Transactional Analysis approach and, also, the possibility to find interesting bridges with the attachment theories. The key note speakers will be Italian and non-Italian experts: Mario Mikulincer, Davide Ceridono, Marco Guicciardi, Loredana Lucarellli, Carla Montixi, Guido Rocca, Marco Sambin, are among the professors and researchers that will animate the dialogue on and about research during the conference. The two days will include key note speeches, presentations, poster sessions and workshops on research methodology. This conference will be open to students, practitioners and researchers interested in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, education and organization. and will provide different opportunities to learn and to do training on research activity.

The splendid town of Cagliari in Sardinia, a wonderful Italian island, will be the venue of this event. Cagliari is easily reachable from the main European airports, even with low cost flights. Below are the forms to attend to the conference and/or submit a presentation.

Any update on the conference (venue, hotels list, organization, forms, dates for submissions of the contributions, program, etc.) will be found following this link on IRPIR webpage